Web-based Learning Through Play: Educational Websites for Kids

With the new school year on the horizon, you might be thinking — what’s next? While parents are going back-to-school shopping for their kid’s return to in-person schooling, online learning remains a hot topic of conversation. With 65% of households reporting the use of online resources during the COVID-19 shutdowns, the e-learning market saw exponential growth worldwide (Us Census Bureau, 2020). Yet even with kids going back to the classroom, the market is predicted to grow by $72.41 billion by 2024 (Marinova, 2021).

But why is this important you may ask? While we are all excited for things to return to normal the last year has shown us something very important — online resources are a great way to supplement your child’s education. Websites such as FunBrain® and Highlights® provide a platform to access fun and engaging games that will help give your kids the tools to succeed in the real world.

Despite arguments that say that playing games online is detrimental to one’s education, gamification has been proven to enhance learning and development. Here’s how:

Attention Retention

We all know that getting kids to focus can be difficult! Online learning resources teach kids school topics such as math and English in a way that keeps them having fun. With free access to books, videos, puzzles, quizzes and more you can help your kids succeed in the classroom.

Situational Problem Solving

By playing online educational games, children can envision themselves in new situations and learn and experiment with how different perspectives and actions can impact their surroundings. Some resources even have multi-player options that give kids the opportunity to build teamwork skills through group problem-solving.

Strong Memory Skills

Online games often involve puzzles and other activities that work the memory muscles. As we all know, this is an important skill that transfers over to real life and will help them retain information at school.

Embracing technology in our everyday lives is the best way to move forward. As hard as parents may try to limit screen time, children will always gravitate towards their iPhones®, tablets, and computers to get online. If they’re going to be online, why not introduce them to some fun learning activities!

To view Youtube® video ‘Top 10 FREE Education Websites for Kids’ by LinkiBag® follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPciB6QO5NE. To download LinkiBook™ with all weblinks in pdf format click here click here and select ‘Top 10 FREE Education Websites for Kids’ link https://www.linkibag.com/index.php?p=top_selected_links_2021. Don’t forget to subscribe for more.


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