How Non-Profit Organizations Impact Society

While often unseen, not-for-profits help shape the society that we live in by providing key services. Their work influences social, cultural and environmental concerns that would under other conditions be swept under the rug. While governments and private businesses both work to positively impact their communities, non-profits address the gaps they’ve left behind. This ranges from sports, art, education, religion, social services and more. Their work doesn’t stop but is ongoing to provide services and create beautiful experiences that enrich our society every single day of the year.

Did you know that non-profit organizations are integral to economic growth? In fact, “there are approximately 1.8 million non-profit organizations in the U.S”, “employing approximately 11.9 million people (one out of every 10 working Americans)” (Reasonover, 2021). These passionate individuals provide food, offer shelter, share educational resources, and inspire people of every background across all states. Non-profit organizations can be considered crucially relevant to a globalized society. By creating space for communities to share their thoughts they work to increase awareness of important issues in our society.

Today, LinkiBag provides another resource to learn more about free resources for your non-profit organization. Download the LinkiBook™ with the list of links in pdf format from this page:


Charles Reasonover. (2021, September 6). 50 Nonprofit Facts and Statistics. Foundation Group.




Your potential is Maximizable. best technological solutions.

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Your potential is Maximizable. best technological solutions.

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